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Could The New Child Support Model Improve Your Situation?

The allocation of parental responsibilities makes an impact on how much child support you will pay under Illinois’ new child support payment ruling. Here are some main points of the new calculation method used to determine the level of child support expected from each parent and its pros and cons.

Parenting Time And Pay

Quite different than the old method where the parent without the primary allocation of parental responsibilities paid support, the new compensation ruling pools the adjusted net salary of both parents as a starting point for determining support levels from both parents. A shared income table lists the compensation due based on the shared income made and the number of children needing support.

A Move To Equitable Treatment

No longer relegated to paying all of the support while having the kids less than 50 percent of the time, supporters of the new support model feel that it places both parents on a more level and equitable playing field. A detailed calculation protocol is used with the corresponding monetary amount from the income table. The end amounts for each parent to contribute will take into account the following facts:

  • The percentage of the total income each parent makes
  • The percentage of allocation of parental responsibilities each parent has
  • Dollar amount of the income difference between two parents

More Time, Less Money

Even if you make more money than your ex-spouse, you may end up paying less child support under the new law. It stands to reason that the larger amount of time you have custody of your children, the more likely you will pay less in child support.

Critics of the new support law state that more time may not always be quality time. Parents wishing to save money on support costs may move to get more custody of the children just to have a lower support bill.

Parents with existing support agreements made before the new rule in 2017 can either keep their present settlement or modify their plan by the new rules. If you’re unsure if the new support model will benefit you or not, you’re not alone. Talk to an attorney experienced in family law to get an accurate assessment of your situation.

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